Empowerment tools and resources to expand Houston's local economy and improve our quality of life.

Build. Empower. Include.

Our mission is to build and empower strong and inclusive Houston area communities.


We are a thriving Houston-based Community Development organization educating Houston residents with empowerment tools and resources to expand our local economy and improve our quality of life. Our chief responsibility is highlighting our neighborhood revitalizing initiatives, collaborative projects, and thriving educational programs available for underserved communities.

Our Story.

The Neighborhood Recovery Community Development Corporation (NRCDC) was founded in 1990 by Rev. William A. Lawson and Archbishop Joseph Fiorenza who had partnered to found the “Campaign For The Homeless.” The two, who had always advocated for affordable and decent housing in the inner city and fair treatment of the poor and downtrodden, persistently pursued vehicles to empower these constituents by establishing a 501(c)3 Non-Profit organization, NRCDC. While collaborating with local partners, organizations, and engaging in joint ventures, our Founders took positive action and intentional steps to empower, educate, and engage Houston communities in the areas of housing development, community revitalization, economic development and education.

Our Founders.

Rev. William A. Lawson
Pastor Emeritus 
Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church
Archbishop Joseph A. Fiorenza
Archbishop Emeritus 
Archdiocese of Galveston Houston
“at the base of all we do is the empowerment of the communities we serve”

Our Core Beliefs.

We envision the creation of thriving self-reliant, inclusive communities in inner city Houston.

Our Testimonials.

What Our Residents Are Saying…

I am a single parent of a 2022 high school graduate that was long overdue in buying a home. Since 2009, I was a part of the Neighborhood Recovery Community Development program. I had to renew the home buying certificate each year since I was not ready to purchase a home. For the last 34 years, I’ve wanted to own my own home, however the timing was never right. The NRCDC process was thorough and pain free. NRCDC provided me with good advice to help me get my credit straightened out and to prepare myself for the journey to home ownership.

A. Duncan
I attended the workshop and learned about how much financial assistance was out there for anyone that wanted to buy a home. Especially First-Time Homeowners! Being a young parent I had no idea that this type of assistance was out there for the grabs. My parents were young parents and did not receive that financial education/knowledge about home buying. Although they did purchase a home for their children. My parents never taught me about the process and financial wealth. Attending this workshop started my path towards homeownership.
W. Foster